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When I first tried an old fashioned, I was hooked. It fueled my passion for creating cocktails. I decided to build a bar in my home in order to try new recipes and perfect my drinks.

Beer has never been my thing and, being Hispanic, tequila is a staple in my bar. I like helping people enjoy their drinks and I like to cater to their tastes. I’m hoping that everyone I serve has a memorable experience and can create memories alongside their friends and loved ones. In order for our five cats to live their best life we like to give our all at every event and like to think of them as the main staples in a bar:

Sheldon - is mellow like Whiskey
Severus - is sneaky like Vodka
Amy - is quiet like Gin
Khaleesi - is wild like Tequila
Harry - is easygoing like Rum

Rene Peña

AKA Mr. Worldwide Bartender



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